Phillip Randell

January 10, 2010

Known as The West Coast Wanderer, Senior Poet Laureate Phil Randell travels the western United States attending open mics and selling his vast collection of chapbooks. He reads from his newer work and shares his tales of life as a poet on the road. Listen

Hosted by Tim Ayres


5 Responses to “Phillip Randell”

  1. Phil, rather Philip was wonderful. I encourage him to continue to take his meds.

  2. Dwain Goforth Says:

    Great blog, dude 🙂 Suzy had a blast listening.

  3. Could you please have this poet return for another show? The West Coast Wanderer is moving.

  4. Virlee Jones Says:

    A group of us listened to The West Coast Wanderer and enjoyed it so much. We had to listen to it again to get all the nonsense. Could you let me know when you interview him again.

  5. Why didn’t he use his real name and……. when are you two going to do another program? Together you make it happen…

    Jesse’s Mom

    PS: I don’t shave my head and paint pictures on it..

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