About The Mad River Anthology

The Mad River Anthology is a long running poetry program that features a variety of writers reading their own material, discussions of process, and the sharing of work from the past. Currently co-produced and hosted by Tim Ayres and Brent Jenkins, with guest hosts Rachel Wheeler, John Brugaletta, Vanessa Pike, Mischief Mic, Lorena Boswell, and engineer Emily Creaven, on public radio KHSU-FM 90.5 /KHSR-FM 91.9 at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.   www.khsu.org


3 Responses to “About The Mad River Anthology”

  1. Rachel Wheeler Says:

    Tim & Brent, what a classy website. It’s beautiful! I’m enjoying the show – thanks for keeping it going. Rachel Wheeler

  2. What a lovely collection you have going! I met some element of this Mad River crew at the Arcata Farmer’s Market and wanted to show my support. Perhaps Poem Store could join the forces somehow? Good thoughts and images, Jacqueline Suskin (www.yoursubjectyourprice.com)

  3. Bruce Fuller Says:

    I remember a program with John Ross, Steve Miller (not the musician, it’s a common name), and Max Gilroy in the early 1980’s named Mad River Anthology on KHSU. It was broadcast live at 9:30 AM on Fridays. I’m glad to see the tradition is still alive.

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